Volunteer at GO

Make the 2017 GO Conference Affordable to Everyone

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering makes the GO Conference affordable for everyone! Without an army of volunteers, cost would be considerably higher. By giving a little of your time more people can get encouraged and equipped to go do justice, love mercy, walk humbly and make disciples in New England. Not only do you make the conference affordable, feel great about yourself, all volunteers get the following perks:

  1. A FREE T-shirt to wear proudly and make all your friends insanely jealous
  2. Meal vouchers based upon the amount of time served! Who doesn’t like a free meal?
  3. Access to the GO Conference volunteer lounge filled with water, snacks and other awesome volunteers.

Thank you for volunteering and we look forward to serving with you. Once you have registered for the Conference, to sign up for volunteering simply click on the link in your confirmation email then choose an area to serve and time commitment. We will contact you with all the details. It’s really that easy! Thanks for making this weekend affordable to everyone.

Volunteering does not lower the cost of your registration. If you are looking to volunteer as a way to cut down the cost of attending, please visit our scholarship page and register using one of the scholarship codes then click on the link to volunteer in your confirmation email. Volunteering is not required to receive a partial or full scholarship. However, it is a great way to say thank you to those who give to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Information Here

If you have any questions regarding volunteering you can email our volunteer coordinator, Gail Wall.